Company Information

2. Company Information: International Projects in Russia and Ukraine

A personal view from Team Leader, Suno Wood.

The old song tells us that ‘money makes the world go round!’ Actually, it is information that makes the markets move and the world turn. Information is essential to the creation, management and fair exploitation of all our resources and opportunities. In addition, information about company activity is used by people from all walks of life, representing public and private interests, as well as by governmental authorities for regulation and planning purposes. This is reflected in the current European Union Directives, which are establishing common standards for information provision not only in the present member states of the EU but also in other countries, such as Russia and Ukraine, who share borders and trading interests, although they are not eligible for membership.

If the interest in the provision of company information is common to many, then the manner in which it is collected, recorded and disseminated varies from country to country, from sector to sector and from person to person. The importance accorded to its ownership is evident. Information kept privy to any particular organisation is clearly seen to have great potential value. Little however is understood about the skills and resources required to realise the value of the information in the context of a developing market environment. Information is, by definition, a renewable resource and marketing it successfully requires the matching of the constraints of government with the almost limitless possibilities of developing market structures and organisations.  In most countries, information is collected by a very limited number of government organisations and the process of re-selling ensures that the end-user is far removed from the original collator or data-collector. None the less, the information must be timely, appropriate and sold at a price, sufficient to ensure the future security of the collecting organisation, without creating a price barrier to the user. In this respect, open access to company information is also one of the powerful tools available to builders of new democracies.

Our projects in Russia and Ukraine covered a wide list of counterparts and activities in their aim to achieve the goal of information, registration and licensing systems to international standards. Our team also represents both public and private sectors of British government and the European market economy. We have links into other areas of development, particularly those that support the development of small companies, which we are always seeking to improve. We welcome contact with both local organisations and other consultants and are pleased to search for common ground. The challenge of working here is exciting and our projects offer us a real opportunity to assist in the process of change.

© Suno Wood 2013