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NEWS: January 2014

ETSI is pleased to announce a first eHealth workshop organized on,Telemedecine, taking place at the ETSI premises on 6-7 May 2014..

More details can be found at:

The event is open to all and free of charge upon registration.


eHealth objectives of the Digital Agenda for Europe aimed to improve the quality of health care, reduce medical costs and foster independent living.

The rise of telemedicine services depends on the ubiquitous digitalisation of all sectors of society. Telemedicine is now reaping the benefits of the digital revolution, but according to the World Health Organisation, only 8% of patients today enjoy access to telemedicine (telecare, telemonitoring).

The Digital Agenda for Europe aims to achieve by 2020 the widespread deployment of telemedicine services. Success will depend on the environment in which regulations and standards for telemedicine are to be created.

ETSI is now calling for proposals for presentations on the following points that will be discussed and progressed during the event:

1. Roll-out of telemedicine services in Europe and across the world;

2. Development of standards and specifications for telemedicine needed for:

2.1. confidential and secure electronic transmission of medical data from individual measuring devices

2.2. medical data transmission quality

2.3. interoperability between medical devices

3. Telemedicine use cases

Should your company be willing to contribute to one of the workshop discussions, please fill in and send the attached form to events@etsi.orgby 15 February 2014.

Additionally, ETSI is also calling for demonstrations. Please use this form and send it to

We look forward to receiving your contributions.

The ETSI Events Team

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