Intellect - E

Intellect-e is a new and dynamic team, working in Moscow to provide telemedicine solutions to support the medical community in fighting chronic disease. Intellect-e is an informal grouping of scientists, doctors, market and communication experts who bring to the table a unique understanding of the modern demands for telemedicine. 

P.S.W. Ltd is proud to represent the team abroad and to present ‘the smart desk’ the first radical development in enhanced telemedicine by a Russian company. 


Suno Wood, Director of PSW is also their official representative to ETSI - the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. ETSI has recently accepted a proposal to discuss interoperability of medical instruments used for telemedicine. 


P.S.W.Ltd welcomes any comments or suggestions on this topic. Please get in touch with us if you would like to work with us on the issue of telemedicine and standards concerning medical diagnostic devices

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